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Glenn Allen

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After I got out of Berklee College of Music and moved to California to pursue music performance, I worked as a private instructor in a large music store where every customer that bought a guitar, bass, piano, or drum set, they were given four free music lessons.

As the only instructor on staff, I had a constant rotation of absolute beginners to add to my growing base of regular students.

Rather than frustrate students by making them suffer through “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or scales and rudiments they wouldn’t know how to apply yet, I made it a goal to get my students to play a song in their first lesson, and start playing their favorite songs by their fourth lesson.

Soon I had so many students coming back for more, that with back-to-back lessons for 8 hours a day, I had to turn new students away.

I needed to find a way for my students to get results in less than a half an hour. Most students had the same habits, mistakes, and frustrations in common, so I came up with all these time-saving tricks to get students to quickly

  • memorize the fret notes
  • change chords without hesitation
  • overcome the frustration of barre chords
  • build speed and strength
  • learn new styles of challenging music
  •  write and record their own songs.

I loved watching that “a-ha” moment when they suddenly figured out how to do what they considered impossible in less time than they imagined.  I could almost see the light bulb turn on over their head.

Rather than continue to turn people away, I decided the best way to share everything I have learned is to create fun, easy to understand and apply video courses and tutorials for everyone with I Am An Orchestra.

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